Five senior volunteers for the Friends of the Library and Museum of LIttleton who were honored for their service. Three women on the left and one man on the right stand in front of the Welcome Friends banner at the Bemis Public Library in Littleton.

Key Messages

The Friends:

  • Plan and sponsor events that make the most of our valuable community resources, the library and museum.

  • Provide options for people of all ages, life stages and demographics, creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

  • Enhance our community through history, art, music and cultural experiences that inform and share different points of view.

  • Fund purchases for the library, museum and living history farms for all to enjoy.


From farm animals to educational items to professional  development and programming for all ages, the Friends offers so many benefits!

Friends Mission

The Friends of the Littleton Library and Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit service organization providing financial and volunteer support for Bemis Public Library and the Littleton Museum. The Friends sponsor and support events to increase community awareness of these valuable community resources. The Friends offer new and current members the chance to serve our community, to make new friends, and to ensure that the Library and the Museum remain vital links to our future and to our past.  


Who We Are

The  Friends are governed by an eight member Board of Directors that  includes executive officers and the Past President and Library and Museum Director as ex-officio members. We encourage anyone who would like to be more involved with the leadership of our organization to contact us.